Personal Development

In this course, we go over how you can become the best, truest version of yourself — and help clients do the same. You’ll learn goal-setting techniques that will promote exponential growth for you and your clients.

Language Skills

Foster better communication with clients and potential clients by understanding the power of your words. Learn what the best coaches already know to clearly communicate in every moment with confidence.

Time & Energy Cultivation

Adopt the planning and scheduling formulas that Mike Bledsoe has practiced for years to conquer every single day and avoid burning out, including strategies to help you get more done in less time.

“I walked out with a clear direction, new mindset, and a toolbox for running a successful business. I've gotten over 100x my return back, and I consider [working with Mike] to be one of the top 3 most important business decisions I've ever made.” - Michael Cazayoux, Cofounder Brute Strength

An Investment for Growth

You want to progress in your business and as a coach — but do you have clear direction on how to do that? Is your pricing model setting you up for success? Are you starting to feel burnt out? Can potential customers understand why they need you? The Strong Coach can help.

“Working with Mike gave me the tools I needed to transform my relationships, business, coaching practice, and physical environment into the realm of constant expansion. Work with Mike if you're ready to move from "working hard" to "working easy" while receiving all the business, training, and life benefits you're dreaming of.” - Brittney Bergen, Founder of Idealistic Isabel

Program Overview

  • Weekly video lessons with accompanying slide deck notes

  • Weekly Zoom meeting with your instructor & classmates - 8 students per call

  • Community support via a private Facebook group

  • Daily exercises for improving your craft

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